I started >FaceFusion< a view years ago. The reason I started it in the first place was my sister. She always said she would not resemble my parents as much as I do. With one of these pictures I proved her wrong.

"FaceFusion" shows how big the resemblances between family members are. The most important thing I want to achieve is to give the viewers the impression that at first glance they´re looking at an ordinary portrait. Only then they should notice that the photo is actually a composition of two faces.

This is the FaceFusion-Picture of sisters.

>more facefusion-pictures here. 



>FaceFusion< soll die Ähnlichkeit von Familienmitgliedern aufzeigen. Ich versuche meine Bilder so zu gestalten, dass man auf den ersten Blick ein gewöhnliches Portrait vor sich sieht, erst dann soll dem Betrachter die Komposition aus zwei Gesichtern auffallen.

> oben: das FaceFusion-Foto von Schwestern.

> mehr FaceFusion-Bilder hier.